Lowe’s is “Pin it” to WIN it

by Sophie Rich

Nowadays, several companies are competing against one another to be noticed. What better way to be noticed that to incorporate a marketing platform on a popularly used social networking site? Lowe’s has recently discovered a way to connect with consumers and promote their ideas and strategies by using Pinterest. CMS Wire produced an article in which they explain the ways Lowe’s has successfully used Pinterest to their marketing advantage (Ingram, 2013). Lowe’s now has their own Pinterest page in which you can scroll through multiple boards such as Helpful Hints, Curb Appeal, Build It, Gardening Tips!, and many others. Lowe’s wanted to create a campaign using Pinterest as a way to make users feel empowered and as though they can take on home improvement projects all on their own (Success Story, Lowe’s).

Lowe’s Pinterest Homepage

Many companies and businesses use Pinterest as a means of communicating with their customers. Lowe’s stood out because of the way in which they implemented the social media platform. Traditionally, users post photos of their inventory and store layout. Lowe’s was different in that they wanted to post tips and tricks and helpful ideas for users. They rarely post photos of their own products (Ratcliff,2014), and instead focus more on ways to help their consumers. Lowe’s Pinterest board is used as a means of helping those who visit their page–not a way to promote their products or their brand.

Lowe’s interactions with Pinterest don’t stop here though. They also decided to create an opportunity for their consumers to win $5,000 worth of Lowe’s products/services with their Dream, Pin, Win: It’s Time to Shine Sweepstakes. This campaign also created an incentive for users to actively engage with their company and brand.

Lowe’s, quite frankly, does an amazing job implementing social media promotion strategies and brand awareness on several platforms. They successfully use Vine and Facebook–(along with Pinterest)–as well. So, how did they do it? How did they become so successful in using the Pinterest platform that they have reached about 3.5 million followers? For starters, they have “pin it” buttons next to every product photo on their website. This encourages people to visit their Pinterest page. They also have a wide variety of boards with differing content–making it easy for anyone to find something relevant and interesting. It also helps that Lowe’s promotes their Pinterest page through their other social media networks, such as Vine and Facebook. (Waldron, 2013)

Lowe’s has given us several reasons to believe that their Pinterest campaign was a social media win; however, there are still ways in which they could improve on their social media tactics. They rarely interact with their users through comments. If a user commented on how well something worked for him or her or what his or her opinion was about an idea, it would be good for Lowe’s to comment back. Although they interact with the users by posting and repinning, they don’t engage in any conversation. Ratcliff also states that it would be beneficial for them to come up with and use custom hashtags (2013). For example, when promoting their Black Friday Deals Pinterest board, they should use hashtags such as #LowesBlackFriday. I completely agree with this.

Fact: Lowe’s has successfully implemented Pinterest into their social media marketing campaigns–whether it be through creative and catchy boards or sweepstakes opportunities. Lots of businesses are beginning to use Pinterest, among many other sites, to gain attention from followers and potential customers. Anyone looking to jump start their business should consider researching ways to implement Pinterest in order to do it. It’s fun, it’s personal, and it’s innovative! Good job, Lowe’s!




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