Buzzfeed’s “Tasty” Deemed a Huge Social Win

By: Cody Ferguson


Internet media company, Buzzfeed has recently made giant waves in the world of social media. As if the social news and entertainment company doesn’t have enough of a following already, their brainchild campaign, “TASTY” has food lovers all over the world drooling from each mouth-watering video.

The social media micro-campaign launched in July of 2015 with a focus on providing short, relevant videos of food recipes. Since its’ beginning, the campaign has generated millions of views daily and even has its own Facebook page with over 37 million likes.

Buzzfeed’s “TASTY” was not created with ROI truly in mind but more so skyrocketing the Buzzfeed brand even higher than it already is. It’s fair to say that through the creation of this campaign, the media giant simply desired to build a larger audience and capture the attention of social users around the world. But how did Buzzfeed knock this one out of the ballpark?

Short, relevant content

The key to truly building an engaged audience via social media is to provide them with relevant content. Short, relevant content. This can be attributed to the campaign’s massive success. Each hyper-lapse video suits the average attention span of social media users resulting in a majority their videos running under two minutes in length.  taste-recipe

Relevancy is also a key reason for why this campaign has exploded in the digital world. But how can simple food recipes generate millions upon millions of social engagements?

I think it’s safe to say that most of you have turned to the Internet or social media specifically in search of a new recipe. In fact, instead of relying on family recipes, and cookbooks, over 50 percent of consumers are turning to Facebook and Twitter to learn about food. With the rise in social media, this statistic does not surprise many.

Campaign Logistics

Buzzfeed conducted this campaign with seamlessly smooth efforts. With the combination of key insights of 2015 social media trends and the available knowledge about Millennials and video content, this campaign was a success from the start. The surge of Facebook video autoplay, GIFS, Vine, and Snapchat all prove our urgency to absorb the content we’re interested in. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all Internet traffic. It’s safe to say that Buzzfeed is well ahead of the curve and only adds to the reasons why they knocked this one out of the park.


How could they improve?

I think this campaign has been executed flawlessly. It definitely will be tough to top TASTY in terms of future campaigns however, Buzzfeed has never failed to deliver top-notch content to their audience. They have shown a great example of how to truly build an engaged audience. What else could they do?

My only critique of this campaign is that I would like to see them continue to diversify their content. It’s great that they are present on each social channel including Vine, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. However, there comes a point in time when your audience desires and benefits from face-to-face interactions. I think they could hold a national conference devoted to all things food. Because they have harvested this enormous audience, a conference could easily generate thousands if not millions of dollars in revenue. However, I think this campaign will continue to grow and we can most likely expect some type of spinoff addressing the needs of another audience.



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One thought on “Buzzfeed’s “Tasty” Deemed a Huge Social Win

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