Coca Cola #ChooseHappiness Campaign is a “Selfie” Win

By: Riley Carlton


Coca Cola has taken another step in developing their one brand strategy with the #ChooseHappieness campaign. This campaign introduces the the idea of Coca Cola being synonymous with joy. Coca Cola uses an assertive tone in this campaign to tell its’ consumers that not only can you be happy, but you should be happy. All you have to do is drink an ice cold Coca Cola.

But first, let me take a selfie. That’s right, selfie! Coca Cola utilized Twitter as a platform for their #ChooseHappiness campaign, in an effort to have consumers post selfies of their happiest moments. After Coca Cola took to the streets of London to experiment with a giant pin board that exhilarated people to draw, write and express what makes them happy, photos were uploaded immediately to social media with the tag #ChooseHappiness.

To continue the conversation, Coca Cola encouraged consumers to take a selfie of themselves enjoying a Coca Cola with their friends, family, or even a cute squirrel and post it to Twitter with the tag #ChooseHappiness.

Photo originally published by Oil White

Photo originally published by Oil White

Coca Cola’s brand ambassadors remained present throughout the campaign providing call to actions, and uploading photos and videos to various brands and media outlets utilizing the hashtag.

The purpose of this campaign was to develop an experiential and digital strategy with a huge reach to a wide audience. The campaign was also designed to encourage the older generation to observe millennials’ happy lifestyle. Coca Cola designated Twitter as the platform for the campaign due to the convenience and quickness of posting a tweet. It also allowed all the photos to be grouped together based on the hashtag. Throughout the campaign, Coca Cola’s brand “impression, quality, value, satisfaction, recommendations and reputation, has risen 8.2 percentage points to 26.7,” according to YouGov’s BrandIndex.

Coca Cola utilized the trend of the selfie perfectly. A study done by Google estimated there are 93 million selfies taken a day. Why not encourage a few millions of those front-facing camera artists to join the Coca Cola conversation with a simple hashtag? The hashtag was not only promoted by Coca Cola’s Twitter account, which flaunts 2.96 million followers, but it was also the top trend in the UK during the London event.

#ChooseHappiness was a major social win for Coca Cola. In further developing their one brand strategy, they are quickly dissolving the disconnectedness of the four Coca Cola soft drinks. By incorporating digital marketing, Coca Cola interacted with millions of its consumers. The timeliness of the selfie trend fell perfectly in to place as there were millions of posts in the month of May.

A suggestion I would make to give consumers more incentive to engage in the #ChooseHappiness conversation would be to offer multiple month long supplies of Coca Cola. People who have Tweeted at Coca Cola and used the hashtag would be entered in the contest. Overall, the campaign was a major success in increasing Coca Cola’s brand reputation amongst millennials and the older generation of Coca Cola drinkers.





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