Dove: Love Your Curls Campaign


Tiffany Bey

Dove Campaign Video

Source: Huffington Post







The company Dove is known for their amazing skin care and beauty products such as soap, lotion, shampoo, and etc, but for the last couple of years they’ve also been known for their empowering campaigns. Dove established a campaign titled, “Love Your Curls” in November of 2015. The campaign conducted a number of things to raise awareness about different hair types. For example, Dove established an app of emojis (a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication) for users to use on their Android phones or iPhones. “The emojis were images that contains twenty-seven curly hair designs along with selectable skin tones and hair colors”. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of diversity and uniqueness. The regular emojis that are already present on Android phones and iPhones have girl emojis with long straight hair, but Dove wants to change this stigma that all girls have long straight hair because its not true. I think it’s amazing to know that there is a company that actually knows that there is a such thing as different hair types. As an African-American woman, my hair is not naturally straight, so I think its so cool that I can relate to something as small as the girl emoji that has brown skin and curly hair like me.

They developed an awesome video for the campaign. They shared statistics about what girls really think about their curly hair and it showed that 4 out of 10 girls think that their hair is beautiful. With that being said that means that not even half of the girls have confidence in their curly hair. The interviewer asks a number of little girls ages from 5-9 their opinion on their curly hair, and all of them say that they don’t like it or they don’t think its beautiful. Then at the very end, they start to feel more confident about their hair because they see a room full of other women with curly hair just like them.

They also incorporated discussion on the campaign through their Twitter account. The twitter account developed statuses frequently to get their followers engaged in the conversation. A tweet that I came upon stated, “Curl Confidence is Contagious! Who inspires you to #LoveYourCurls? Tag a curly girl who inspires confidence in your curls.“ I love this interaction because not only is it spreading hair awareness, but it is also starting conversation between people. I love love LOVE that Dove’s purpose in doing the different campaigns is to build up confidence and self-esteem.

I definitely think this campaign is a #SocialWin because the campaign shows that Dove is open-minded to diversity and change. I think it’s so easy for brands to stay in a comfortable place that is convenient for them but they didn’t. I’m sure they knew that they would get scrutiny or controversy over the campaign (because there is always a hater) but that didn’t hinder them from developing the campaign anyway, and to me, that’s awesome. I also think this was a very smart and strategic marketing strategy as well. As a customer, I want to buy a product that has values and that stands for something, so for Dove to do this campaign, it makes me want to support their company even more! Customers always want to see something that they can relate to, and this campaign hits home to just about everyone, curly hair or not, I think everyone wouldn’t mind seeing more positivity in the world!


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