Lets always be “LikeAGirl” #socialwin

By Anna Rudin

#LikeAGirl hit home on YouTube in June 2014, with more than 80 million views worldwide and is still heavily communicated today. “Like a girl” campaign is sponsored through Always brand starting the movement of empowerment in young women. This specific campaign had positive feedback starting the trending hash tag #LikeAGirl on Twitter allowing several individuals to be involved and share their inspiring stories or pictures through the twitter world. It even made appearance on @espnW correlating to the #NGWSD (Happy Nation Girls and Women In Sports Day). This campaign will also return as a 2016 Super Bowl ad, most would think of it as a social media win.

#LikeAgirl campaign was created to educate young girls all over the world that it is okay to throw, catch, run etc. “like a girl” the term itself plummets confidence in the young age of women especially when they hit puberty. Always took this message and wanted to have the term take a positive wide-reach affect on girls crafting a boost in their confidence.

A few questions and concerns that struck this campaign was the questions of when did something “like a girl” become an insult, how does it affect the confidence of young girls, and what advice are they trying to push on the younger generation so they do not go through this disempowering movement of hating the term, “Like a girl”. After looking over the campaign we ask ourselves, do we limit girls? In fact, 72% of girls DO feel that society has limitations for them according to Always.com.

During the casting for always commercial they asked a group of teen girls and a few young boys what it looks like to run “like a girl”, in response to this question the casting crew added pep to their step, flailing their hands out some even saying “oh my gosh my hair” this shows that society has put a label on what “like a girl” means and making it humiliating to be “like a girl”. When they asked younger girls the same question, they ran with power, their conception of running “like a girl” was completely different, it shows that teens go through a rough patch decreasing their confidence greatly and always wants to change that.

If we educate those at a young age creating the perception that being “like a girl” is the opposite of un-empowering and that it is important to be a strong, confident individual being just as good as any other person we will not have the negative impact on society that being “like a girl” is a bad thing. The campaign overall has had a positive reach to those who are struggling with these issues, it has been all over the web with eye catching posts to help spread the awareness. #LikeAGirl is going to make being “like a girl” mean amazing things, join them to champion girls confidence at always.com.


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