Taco Bell’s Petition That Launched Huge Social Media Campaign

By: Jillian Barcia

Taco Bell has created 600 new emojis and GIFs to share in their new Taco Emoji Campaign. Taco Bell had its loyal customers sign an electronic petition to encourage Unicode Consortium to add a Taco emoji to iOS and Android devices. There were 25,000 signatures for this new emoji addition in just three short months. Through this campaign, Taco Bell is celebrating the new taco emoji that came out in the recent iOS 9.1 update.

From there the hashtag, #TacoEmojiEngine started a huge campaign to mix and match any emoji with the newest taco one, to create a brand new emoji! Taco Bell had their taco lovers tweet @TacoBell to create these new emojis.

The Taco Emoji Engine Campaign not only created buzz for Taco Bell as a brand, but it allowed customers to be apart of the brand. It allows customers to create something specific to them along with the brand.

This was a major success, and other fast food restaurants such as Subway tried to take this idea and make it their own. Subway’s try was definitely not as successful as Taco Bell’s because it was not interactive and therefore failed shortly after launching on social media.

Taco Bell conducted the Taco Emoji Engine Campaign by first trying to get the taco emoji something all smart devices had. The brand wanted to ensure this emoji to its customers, and then follow-up with a new social media campaign.

Chief brand engagement officer for Taco Bell, Marisa Thalberg stated, “This is about the taco having its rightful place in the official emoji keyboard—this wasn’t about us doing a branded thing, this was about the taco itself.”

After the petition was successful in adding the taco emoji to devices, then came the #TacoEmojiEngine launch on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

This campaign was a huge #SocialWin for Taco Bell. As stated previously, the word of mouth from this social media campaign was one that hit millennial. Through the use of user generated content, Taco Bell is letting the customers part of the creative process.

Taco Bell created a successful social media campaign with the help of creative agency, Deutsch L.A. This campaign gave customers the feeling of brand loyalty.

Taco Bell uses social capital to gain trust and engagement with their customers, who are some of the most loyal of all fast food restaurants. This campaign continued to push these same core values within the Taco Bell brand. Because of this engagement, AdAge named Taco Bell one of the top emoji campaigns of 2015, ranking them at third place behind Coca-Cola and Domino’s Pizza.

Taco Bell continues to push their #TacoEmojiEngine campaign on Twitter and Instagram. This campaign has enhanced the traffic of Taco Bell’s website, and is creating artwork for four new taco wrappers at the restaurant. This #SocialWin is giving other brands ideas of how to market directly to their consumers using social media platforms such as Twitter.

All Taco Bell has to do now is continue to push the excitement of a personal taco hashtag, and this campaign will continue to be successful for a long time!



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