IHOP tweets inappropriate breast joke #SocialFail

by Abbey Saddler

IHOP is known for their delicious pancakes, hints IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes. Their Twitter account is famous for their mouth watering images of their glamorous pancakes with many clever and trendy captions. The hip tweets were intended to attract the younger generation on Twitter; which has been proven to be very successful by the increase in their retweets.

But it was all fun and games until they posted a very sexist tweet. The tweet read “flat but has a GREAT personality.”


Source Social Media Week

The purpose of the tweet obviously was not to offend anyone, but to make a joke about small breasted women. It wasn’t long after the post was tweeted that costumers were responding with outrage. Responses came from people all over including celebrities such as Ben Dreyfuss and Judd Legum. E totally bashed IHOP’s entire Twitter account stating “Take a breath, IHOP. Don’t you know that as long as there are stoners and senior citizens, your target markets will never abandon you?”

IHOP deleted the tweet and attempted to apologize. The tweet read “Earlier today we tweeted something dumb and immature that does not reflect what IHOP stands for. We’re sorry.”

Even with the poor attempt at an apology, this was a complete social fail. The trendy tweets were a great idea, considering Twitter is primarily a younger audience. The short but comical tweets with a mouth watering picture definitely attracts the younger generation. IHOP’s retweets were booming. But you cannot insult women along the way. It was very downgrading to women and more specifically the younger women who are more susceptible to be insulted by the post.

There really is no way to correct this epic failure. The only answer is simply do not do this again. Fortunately for them, it appears that they are still pretty successful with their trendy tweets minus this horrible attempt at a “boob joke.” First, I think whoever posted the tweet through the IHOP account should have been fired. I’m not exactly sure how many people have access to the account information and how they get approved to tweet their posts, but I think it would be smart to have a team of professionals that specialize in social media. The team could generate the trendy slang-spun tweets and they all should agree whether or not the post is appropriate and effective enough to post. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a woman friendly post to gain the forgiveness of the female followers.

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