Interview: Tracey Tobias on Social Media in the Workplace

by Ashley Tucciarone

Over the past several years and more today than ever before, Social Media has become a vital aspect to a company’s success. Specifically in the Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing industries, professionals in these fields use social media as a key part of their day-to-day job duties. To gain a better understanding of what it is like to work in one of these fields, I interviewed Tracey Tobias, a Senior Copywriter and Content Manager at the company I interned with over the summer, Realeflow. This successful real estate investing company develops web based platforms and software’s for their users. I chose to interview Tracey because during my ten week internship, I was able to work a little bit with Tracey and grasp a feel for what her day to day job entails.

1. What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring social media professional?

TT: Make sure you know which social network fits the business you’re trying promote best. Then, focus on that network first before trying to manage them all at once. So, if you’re promoting a professional speaker and Twitter is where the most engagement comes from then crush Twitter prior to moving on to Facebook, etc.

2. Why do you think social media is important to build consumer engagement?

TT: Well, not all industries are similar. It’s certainly more important to a company building a brand and selling directly to customers vs a B2B (business to business) structured company.

3. Would you explain some tools that you use to plan, implement, or evaluate social media campaigns?

TT: Hootsuite is great for scheduling, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is good for larger companies, Moz Analytics and there are quite a bit more that are great for analysis.
The most difficult thing you will find with these tools is one that accurately tracks Sentiment.

For example, if someone tweets: “Even with my Starbucks, I hate the morning commute on the Subway.”  Most tools will here take away “Hate” and “Starbucks” and associate that as a negative customer Sentiment.

4. How do you think social media has impacted the success of your company? Do you think Realeflow would be as successful without the marketing/advertising/PR aspects?

TT: Social Media, especially the paid traffic side of it has significantly impacted our traffic volume, which leads to higher numbers of customers and sales within our organization. So, I’d say we are definitely more successful and able to connect with our target audience easier because of Social Advertising.

5. From your personal experience, what social media site has been the most beneficial to your company? Why do you think this is?
TT: Facebook because of their targeting and ad network. Our ability to scale is directly tied to our marketing budget with Facebook advertising, it has been a vital part of our success.

From the interview, it is evident that social media plays a large role in Tracey’s day to day duties. Before her insight, I typically thought that professionals in these industries had easier responsibilities compared to other fields such as Business. However, her responses proved to be just the opposite. The posts Tracey shares on Facebook and the tweets she likes on Twitter in regards to Realeflow, impact the traffic flow of their customers. Therefore, all of the content on their social media sites combined could potentially affect the success of their company. The sites Tracey uses for Realeflow give their users a chance to converse with Realeflow as a company, as well as give them feedback. As a Senior Copywriter and Content Manager, Tracey is extremely qualified, and she seems to excel in her area of expertise.

Puzzle piece that links all aspects of social media togeher

The puzzle pieces demonstrate different website forums and online features that all connect back to one common theme; Social Media {Photo from PhDesigned}

Just like Tracey stresses throughout the interview, social media is a powerful tool used in almost every employment company today to recruit, hire, and even promote their business. Employment candidates typically rely on various social media websites to search for job opportunities, and employers also use social media sites to hire candidates during their recruiting process. Because it has become a cultural norm, it is critical that an individuals social media sites are either clean, or private from the public. From personal experience, I know of two instances in which candidates did not get hired due to their negative social media profiles. The use of social media to engage with others is accelerating at an extremely fast pace. It would be in a company’s best interest to establish a reliable social media platform in order to keep up with and take advantage of the rapidly changing digital age.

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