Total Quality Logistics Expansion Program

Total Quality Logistics 

I wanted to write about something I was connected with, which was hard to think of at first. But then it came to me; I could explore my own company and the behind-the-scenes work of its marketing department. This would be a great opportunity to learn more about how Total Quality Logistics markets itself and what has made the company so successful today. Total Quality Logistics is a multi-billion dollar company taking over the world of transportation through customer service and technology. Within a span of 18 years, CEO Ken Oaks built a brand that has become the largest privately held freight brokerage firm in the United States. With 45 offices in 20 states, this year Total Quality Logistics is seeking to further expand its network of offices across the nation. The National Expansion Program is something I am personally a part of, moving to Miami, Florida, with Total Quality Logistics following graduation from Ohio University. I had the pleasure of communicating with Alyse DeLange, Marketing Specialist at Total Quality Logistics headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.


MW: Describe a recent successful social media campaign conducted by your organization and why you feel it was successful.

AD: National expansion is something we value and strive for at TQL (from senior leadership down). It’s a part of our DNA. Therefore with 40-plus offices nationwide, we have implemented a new social approach to build TQL’s brand across our national footprint, especially in our new markets. Through campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with precise and strategic targeting, we’re connecting with talent in cities that have never heard of TQL. We’re seeing high engagement (which for us means – impressions, clicks, new leads and applicants) and we’re impacting our entire business by driving hires in the social space – not to mention building a strong brand along the way.

MW: What do you think is the most important upcoming trend in social media and why is that trend important?

AD: For companies today, consumers, potential talent, the public, etc. require transparency. This means we must tap into our own employees and their networks. Our employees are our biggest asset when it comes to transparency and social media reach – and who doesn’t want that? If employees are sharing our content, the company message/brand stays consistent and clear on all platforms. Our employees give our audience and their network a perfect picture what it would be like to work here, an insider look at our culture and what type of person is a fit for TQL.

MW: What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring social media professional?

AD: Three key things: 1. Keep current with social media trends. They’re always changing. Always. 2. Know your audience. Although Instagram is all the rage right now, we’ve researched and found that our employees and those who we want to work here aren’t very active on Instagram – so it doesn’t make sense for us. Don’t use a social platform because its trendy, use it because it’s strategic. 3. Content is everything. Your audience needs to know you are passionate about your message and have a solid strategy behind the content.

MW: What trends in social media do you think make the social media market evolve so rapidly?

AD: Connectedness, transparency and accessibility all come to mind. Our society is always striving for the quickest, most effective way of doing something. Multiple social media trends allow that.

MW: Snapchat has taken over the world of social media since starting back in 2011. With now reaching profits to $19 billion dollars, how do you think TQL could benefit with partnering with Snapchat


AD: Like the example above with Instagram, we know Snapchat is an up-and-coming social platform and it brings innovative technology to the social arena (to the tune of $19 million, right?). However, based on our research, it doesn’t makes sense for our business. If something changes for us and we can build a case for legitimate ROI (return on investment) in the future, things might change. Until then, check us out on Facebook (@lifeattql), Twitter (@tqlogistics) and LinkedIn (Total Quality Logistics).

Communicating with Alyse was extremely helpful for social media tips and the ever-changing world of social media. Her advice on content and targeting the correct audience proves it does make a difference in social media campaigns in order to be successful. As a transportation company, locating the social media platforms that works best to target the correct audience is something in the real world, not just content in class. Making sure to know your audience and know how and what you need to target can really help a campaign succeed. I am excited to actually be a part of this campaign and learn what Total Quality Logistics is doing to have people in the same position as I am. Social media is a changing market, always, that we need to keep up with in order to succeed as a social media professional.

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