Carrie Williams Sheds Some Light on Professional Social Media Use

By: Liz Sanz

Carrie Williams is a production manager for Comedy Central, currently moving into a producer role. She has been with #ComedyCentral for a few years now, really focusing on creating content for the brand that will be later distributed and promoted. She has experience with creating remarkable content, pushing that content out to audiences, and working in an extremely creation-centered position. I know Carrie through a friend of mine, and after hearing about her job and daily activities, I thought she would be a perfect fit for an industry professional interview about #professionalsocialmedia. Enjoy reading everything we discussed below!Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 7.51.58 PM

LS: What do you do within your position that is related to social media

CW: So with my title, I produce custom content for advertisers
on Comedy Central. It really just depends; each advertiser that we partner with has different objectives; some just want to launch their content on air and some want to take a more multi-platform approach and what that means is we will produce content that can live online, on air, and socially. We also produce more classic style 60-90 second pieces for on air as well as short versions to run as pre-roll ads before our online content. A lot of work we do is tied to a sponsor, and they will come to us with brand objectives, and then we will pitch ideas on how to complete brand objectives and go from there.

As a company (on our own), we are definitely starting to use social media more, with different platforms seeming to resonate more and being our main focus at this time. We are trying to sort of make an appearance on all different platforms, but certainly a couple stand out.

LS: Which ones are those?

CW: Right now, I would say Snapchat is our main focus – it really just focuses on content and that is our biggest focus with working with Viacom and Comedy Central. We also incorporate Instagram and Twitter into the day-to-day, but now we are really starting to tap into Snapchat to feature some of our content.

LS: What type of content do you produce (for social media/marketing campaigns) and why? How do you choose your approach when creating this content?  

CW: Fortunately for me, I lean heavily on the marketing team; they are sort of a filter between my creative group and the clients. They really work with the sales team and researchers to figure out how we can best target our audience. It’s a double-edged sword in a way, but the great thing too, is that the client comes in generally knowing what they want, so we can offer to create content that we may distribute on Vine or Twitter, but they may want to solely focus on Snapchat. They generally already have an idea. It’s sort of a balance between showing the client all of our cards and what we can do, and them having them pick where to go from there. And a lot of that depends on the talent involved (and what/who is being promoted.)

It is sort of an organic process, if you will.

LS: What is your personal choice of social media outside of the work place? 

CW: I love Instagram and I love Facebook for different reasons. With Facebook, I’m a military child and I have moved around, I’ve lived in different places and my family is everywhere, and I love the fact that I can keep in touch with friends through that. With Instagram, I love being able to editorialize my pictures and look at pretty things, whether its different designers or makeup trips and tips.

Between the two, I would personally say that I like Instagram the best though regardless of reasoning. I love looking at the world through a lens. If I am eating dinner and my food looks beautiful, I love to take a picture of it. If I see something funny or a quote I like, I love being able to post that. I enjoy Instagram for the content that I personally like absorbing. Snapchat and Facebook can seem like a lot of noise at times, and in my free time, I like being able to put a filter on what I see.

LS: What companies/organizations do you think are “doing it right” when it comes to social media? Why?

CW: I think a successful social media campaign can be subjective to the audience’s wants and needs, so I don’t have a “campaign” that jumps out in my head, but I do have a friend that started a fashion blog that I think she has a done a really good job with. Her name is Natalie Pinto and we went to school together and I have watched her from the beginning until now (it’s been about 3 years) as she has grown and built a company solely based on her following. I think she really did it the right way, with the quality of images she uses as well as the pieces she puts together and the way she has advertised herself on social media is just really well done. The quality of the camera, and the photos she takes are just great and there is intention behind what she is doing, and you can really see that when following her. If I could call out one social media influencer I really enjoy who has done a good job with social media, it would definitely be her, and her blog turned company is called The Fashionably Broke.

LS: Why do you think social media is important to build consumer engagement?

CW: I mean I think as I mentioned earlier, it is just such a huge part of our daily lives now. People aren’t just tuning in at 6pm while they watch the news during dinner, but we are now consuming media all the times on our phones, before work, during work, when we get home, etc. and even when we shouldn’t be on our phones. This unfortunate addiction in the world of media is real and actually fortunate because we can really reach and tap into a different audience and a broader audience morning, noon, and night and I think that is really powerful. And based on research and strategy, it is truly brilliant how we can really approach and target consumers with the content we choose to distribute all day every day.

LS: What is one piece of advice you would give an aspiring social media professional?

CW: In terms of if you want to be a #socialmediainfluencer or use social media in your career, I think you have to treat it as if you are a professional and as if it is a true job (whether for work or not). There is this untapped world of social media influencers, and you would be surprised by how expensive they can really be to work with, but it is because of how they produce their content and develop the following that they have. If you want to develop a following, you have to be authentic with anything you’re doing. You have to dedicate yourself, you have to be passionate, consistent, you have to POST WITH INTENTION. You can post things that are sort of half-assed, but to really get a following, people are attracted to QUALITY and things that are well done. You can’t just post one really great thing one time, but it has to be consistent and frequent. Being #AUTHENTIC to what you’re passionate about is my biggest piece of advice. Consistency, intention, and quality, are really all huge in becoming a successful online personality/influencer.

Hope you enjoyed! #ouj4530

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