#LuckOfLife 🍀



By: Hannah Bortz, Kiley Landusky, Emily Barber and Ellie Halter

Our client, Donate Life America is a nonprofit organization that helps connect donors with individuals in need. We will create a St. Patrick’s day campaign to promote their organization. The campaign acknowledges registered organ donors and encourage non-registered organ donors to sign up by showing donors’ IDs, which indicate they are registered for organ donation. The campaign will encourage users to create user generated content with a picture and the hashtag #luckoflife.

It will also bring forward survivors to show us how they’re experiencing the #luckoflife after their transplant.


Why We Chose the Campaign

Many people feel that receiving an organ donation is ‘lucky.’ Our campaign plays on this emotion and connects the theme of St. Patrick’s Day to a bigger purpose.

Why it will be Successful

Organ donation is an emotional topic and will give people an opportunity to open up about their decision to selflessly give to others or their gratitude for receiving an organ donation.


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