Rag-O-Rama St. Patricks Day Contest

By: Meredith Wylie, Justin Gamble, Sophia Borghese, Reagan Canaday

For this Quick fire challenge, our client is Rag-O-Rama a consignment shop located in Columbus, Ohio. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are going to create a campaign that recognized the holiday as well as the Rag-O-Rama consignment business. We are going to produce a campaign that utilizes all of the social media accounts that they currently have while engaging their customers with a fun contest. The contest is going to be held on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, where we want their customer to post pictures of St. Patrick Day gear that they had bought at Rag-O-Rama on Twitter. We also plan on advertising the contest the Monday before St. Patrick’s Day on the Facebook and Instagram account. In the post on Twitter from the contestant, we will have them include the hashtag #RagOLucky so that the other customers are able to see the post and vote on the outfit that they like the most.


The reason we picked this as our campaign was because we want to get people involved on their social media accounts. With using Twitter and the hashtag, this is easy for people to search the picture and vote.

This will be successful because this is related to a fun holiday and there is an incentive of  $50 store credit. Participants will be interested to see what everyone else’s outfits look like to possibly get ideas for themselves!

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