Cincinnati Beer Run #hereforthebeer

By Morgan Lundquist, Cody Ferguson and Nick Stirsman

The Cincinnati Beer Run is a 2.5 mile “run” that starts in Newport, Kentucky that goes through Cincinnati and ends back in Newport. During this run, every half- mile you receive a sample of a specialty craft beer and once you have completed the route, a large beer of your choice will be waiting for you at the after party.

With the 365 twitter followers and 22,159 Facebook likes, we challenge these individuals to use the hashtag #hereforthebeer and send us pictures of the participants enjoying a cold Rhinegeist beer after training or not training for the big event. These pictures can be serious or funny, but any type of post is encouraged. Facebook will be the main platform used for the posts and it will help promote the excitement for the event.  Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.49.24 PM
The reason we picked this campaign is because it gets the runners involved and excited before the race to be able to show us what they are planning on wearing.

This campaign will be successful because the incentive to win such great prizes will drive people to want to participate and get excited for future events to come.


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