Create a Scientific Cocktail With #CocktailsAtCOSI

COSI’s “Up All Night” events are overnight museum lock-ins for adults. They’re a lot like children’s events… but with a lot more alcohol involved. We wanted to take advantage of this important differentiating factor with the #CocktailsAtCOSI campaign. And why not start on St. Patrick’s Day?

The idea is simple: COSI fans aged 21-and-up can submit an idea for their own cocktail with a scientific theme. The winner of the contest gets their drink featured at the next “Up All Night” event and receives free tickets. The drink will be colored neon green and have a four leaf clover garnish. COSI’s social media platforms will promote the user-generated cocktail with the winner’s name attached.


We chose this idea because it’s a fun way for adults to show off their creativity and geekiness. We think the campaign will be successful because people love to have their voices heard. Having your name associated with a fun, science-themed cocktail is an exciting prospect. Plus, the free tickets can’t hurt.

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