Level One Bar + Arcade UGC Campaign for St. Patrick’s Day

Our team’s St. Patrick’s Day campaign for Level One Bar + Arcade involves the use of UGC on Twitter in exchange for free/discounted drinks. Those who follow the Level One Twitter account are encouraged to dress up as their favorite prominently green-costumed video game characters and send pictures to the hashtag #LevelOneGreen. Level One will then like and/or retweet these posts to promote the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the bar. These retweets will also be used to encourage patrons to dress up as green video game characters for St. Patrick’s Day at the bar. Those who help with the UGC campaign and post pictures to the hashtag will receive one free drink on St. Patrick’s Day, those who show up in costumes the day of will receive discounted drinks.
Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.26.26 PM
We chose this idea as it appeals to the bar’s younger and geekier demographic. Many of the more enthusiastic members of the gaming community enjoy dressing up in cosplay (costume) as their favorite video game characters, meaning they may already be prepared for the event. Furthermore, we believe it will be successful, as themed and costume parties are appealing to our demographic, as are free drinks.  Furthermore, it allows for the patrons to celebrate the holiday, but in a way that’s more fitting to the barcade and their interests.

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