Quickfire Challenge 2: The Great Westerville Food Truck Fest- A St. Patrick’s Day Campaign

By Jonathan Camargo, Abbey Saddler, and Mackenzie Holden

How do you tie in St. Patrick’s Day, an annual holiday that takes place in March, with the Great Westerville Food Truck Fest, an annual event that takes place in September? Simple- you meet them halfway.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is almost exactly six months prior to the festival, it’s a great time to go ahead and start getting consumers primed to the idea of being surrounded by more food trucks than they can count. We decided to issue a call-to-action to our consumers (who are leisurely enjoying their holiday sipping on green beer) to reply in the comments with a picture of their favorite food truck delights from years gone past in exchange for a feature on the event’s Facebook page. At the end of the day, the respondent behind the featured post with the most shares would be afforded the opportunity to have a meet-and-greet with Governor Kasich and get free food when fest-time comes around.

We decided to go with a meet-and-greet with Governor Kasich because of his ties to the Westerville area, as well as his stature as a political figure within the state of Ohio.

The campaign’s ties to St. Patrick’s Day stem from the word-choice used, as well as the fact that this would be a one-day long affair. At the end of 24 hours from the original post, the contest would be closed, and the St. Patrick’s Day victor would be crowned.

Mock-ups, in order:

Original mock-up for the first post on the Facebook promoting the Westerville Food Truck Fest- St. Patrick's Day Campaign


The second mock-up image for the Great Westerville Food Truck Fest's St. Patrick's Day Campaign. This image is of a potential responder to the call-to-action.


The third and final mock-up, this picture shows what the final featured post image would look like when posted.

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