“Donna Lyfe” Seeks Volunteer Companion

Screen shot 2016-04-13 at 4.24.32 PM


The Donate Life Team chose to design a personal ad for a compassionate volunteer and healthcare advocate that seeks a friend to volunteer alongside her. We developed Donate Life into a young, hardworking and friendly female that makes the brand personal to our audience.

“Donna Lyfe” is from Richmond, Virginia because it is the location of Donate Life’s headquarters. Her humanitarian nature shows through the description of herself, as she has two rescue dogs. Her personal qualities echo those of Donate Life’s because she’s passionate about helping others and loves her work. We played on the medical aspect of Donate Life by making her volunteer location a hospital. To mimic the 18 and up requirement for organ donor registration, we made it so that the hospital also required volunteers to be 18 and up.

It was difficult to make Donate Life into a character because of the sensitive nature of its mission. It was also difficult to identify how to casually call out for a friend to contribute to its cause and really form a two-way relationship. These are also reasons why Donate Life may struggle getting its message out in a carefree, friendly way on social media. We found that expressing the pride in volunteer work and helping others while also sharing small, unrelated details about a person or a brand may make the brand more personable and entice a social media user to get involved.

The insights gained from the Quickfire Challenge will help the Donate Life team during our campaign planning because we now know how to step into the shoes of our brand and utilize its defining qualities in ways that attract the consumer.

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