Meetup on the Mile

Our client is The Scioto Mile, specifically a series of monthly events held over the summer called Movies on the Mile. For this quickfire challenge we were tasked with personification our brand, our consumer, a meetup for our brand and consumer and a personal ad for our client.    

 We personified our client as a young family returning to Columbus after moving away for a few years, the parents in their late 20s with young children. Our ideal consumer is also a young, local family. We decided on young families because The Scioto Mile and Movies on the Mile are both very family-friendly. The Scioto Mile is only 5 years old, but they took a break for a while and are coming back this summer, so we played on the age of the park when determining the age of the family and the children. We believe a young family would love to meet other young families so the parents can be friends and so their children will be able to make new friends.

For the meet up, we decided to have the families meet on the Scioto Mile for a Movies on the Mile for opening night. The challenge we had for creating the ad was we didn’t want to be too cliche, and we didn’t want to sound too creepy because we wanted to include children. This quickfire challenge will help in campaign planning because we will now be able to keep in mind that our target consumer is the family we will meet up with. See our personal ad below!

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.41.28 PM

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