Wanna Mead Up? #Quickfire Challenge 3

Given the assignment of designing a “Brand Personal Ad,” our group was challenged to think critically in personifying the Brother’s Drake Meadery. Therefore, we approached this assignment by creating a dating advertisement. While creating this ad, we considered our brand’s consumer demographics and psychographics that we gathered from prior research. It was also to important to discuss how our group imagined the appearance of Brother’s Drake Meadery.

We envisioned Brother’s Drake Meadery as a 27-year-old college graduate named Kyle. Kyle is currently establishing himself in his career as a graphic designer for a major advertising agency. Kyle embraces his creativity through art, reading non fiction, and listening to jazz music. Kyle also has a deep passion for his Columbus community and supporting local businesses whenever possible.

Our target consumer group for this ad specifically was a young classy woman between the ages 25 and 30 years old. This young would currently be working to establish herself as a successfully driven business woman. It is important to our brand that this consumer is mature and driven, while also having a passion for supporting local businesses. This consumer would share similar interests to our brand, such as unique art, jazz music, and reading good books.

Creating the brand personal ad of Brother’s Drake Meadery enlightened our group with further exploring the specific consumer group we feel is attracted to our brand. We chose the route of a dating ad because we felt this was the best way to create an emotional relationship between the consumer and brand. This quickfire challenge helped our group understand the importance of incorporating promotional opportunities with local businesses in order to satisfy the appreciation of the Columbus community. It also helped our group by reminding ourselves it is essential to be interactive with our consumer through social media and listening to what they want rather than what we think they need.

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